Book 2, Saving Grace: Deception. Obsession. Redemption

Book 2 in the Ropewalk series is coming out on May 11th….

Saving Grace: Deception. Obsession. Redemption.

Beacon Hill, Boston. 1832.

“You are innocent. You are loved. You are mine.”

After surviving the brutal attack and barely escaping death at Lancaster Castle, Beatrice Mason attempts to build a new life with her husband Joshua across the Atlantic in Beacon Hill. But, as Beatrice struggles to cope with the pregnancy and vivid nightmares, she questions whether she is worthy of redemption.

Determined to put the past behind her after the birth of her daughter Grace, Bea embraces her newfound roles of motherhood and being a wife. Nevertheless, when she meets Sarah Bateman, their friendship draws Bea towards the underground railroad and the abolitionist movement, despite the dangerous secrets it poses. Whilst concealed in the shadows, Captain Victor Hanley returns, obsessed with revenge and the desire to lay claim to what is his, exposes deceptions and doubts as he threatens their newly established happiness.

Now, Beatrice must find the strength to fight once more and save Grace, even if it costs her life.

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It’s official, Ropewalk book 1 of the Ropewalk series is finally here.

The North of England, 1831.

The north of England 1831.

In the shadows of Ulverston, the Reformer’s rebellion is stirring. The classes are at war as Beatrice tries to defy them all for love and freedom. Unaware how embedded the Ropewalk and Lightfoot family are and how her actions could bring it all crumbling down.

During a time of social unrest, Beatrice Lightfoot wants nothing more than to escape her family’s chaos and start a new life. The May Day dance is fast approaching, where for one night a cottage girl can mingle with the social elite. When Captain Hanley offers her the means to attend in return for a couple of dances, the temptation is too great. Ignorant to the true cost and the darkness it will bring.

A dance with Joshua Mason, the son of a rich merchant, changes everything and their love blossoms. With society pushing Beatrice towards Captain Hanley and the class divide against them, the young lovers must decide if their love is worth fighting for.

Whilst Captain Hanley, driven by obsession and jealousy, sets in motions a series of horrendous events, the consequences of which will be felt for all involved.

Now Beatrice must choose between rebellion, love and survival. Before all is lost, and the Northern uprising marches into town.

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Book 2 Publication Day!

Saving Grace is going on Tour….

Welcome to the first week of the blog tour including the link to 2 excerpts, 3 reviews, 2 interviews and 2 guest posts. Its been a busy week for Saving Grace, so grab yourself a hot cuppa and join us…

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