Day 1 on the Ropewalk tour…

Today we are stopping off at two great blog sites…

Stop 1 is at B is for Book Review,

Here I answer the questions you all want to ask about my writing process and how I came to writing Ropewalk.


When and where do you prefer to write?

I tend to wake around 5am most mornings, when the house is still and there are no distractions. I grab a large cup of coffee and take a seat at my little writing nook, which is covered in post-its and notebooks.

Do you need peace and quiet when you are writing?

To find out more, follow the link the below…

B is for Book Review, Ropewalk: Rebellion. Love. Survival blog tour

Stop 2 is at Loup Dargent blog

Here I have shared an exclusive snippet of Chapter 4 of Ropewalk.

‘Ropewalk; Rebellion. Love. Survival.’ Excerpt:

Chapter 4

Bent over the old wooden table, Bea sprinkled out a second dusting of flour before pulling and stretching the stringy wholemeal dough to make the bread for the evening meal. The house was quiet; her brothers were out working with her Da, and her eldest sister Beth was a housemaid over on Southergate. Holly and Rowan sat playing with their wooden toys by the fire as Bea placed the dough in a bowl in front of the grate, covered it with a cloth and allowed it to prove. She made a start on the rabbit stew with the animal she caught yesterday in one of her Da’s traps. She peeled the potatoes and chopped the cabbages she had dug out of the small vegetable patch earlier that morning, finishing with a handful of the dried thyme and rosemary which hung in bunches over the hearth, throwing them in to the pot.

To read more of this chapter, follow the link below and find out what happens next. Ropewalk: Rebellion. Love. Survival blog tour

Don’t forget….

During the two weeks Ropewalk is on tour, the ebook is dropped down to 99p or $1.37 across all ebook platforms. Don’t miss out before it is too late.

Tomorrow I will be sharing Day 2 of the Ropewalk tour, so keep a look out.

The Coffee Pot Book Club

Have a good Monday.

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