Day 2 of the Ropewalk tour…

Today we are stopping off at another two great blogs.

First stop is at M J Porter author blog.

Here I wrote a guest post about my research process around Ropewalk.

I would like to thank M. J. Porter for allowing to guest post on her blog as I discuss the research process of creating Ropewalk: Rebellion. Love. Survival.

Ropewalk has been the exception. Most of the time I have an idea of characters and then a location would come to mind, which would have a knock-on effect on the character’s background, social situation, living conditions and so on. It would be a domino effect until 70-80% of the plot has formed in my head. For Ropewalk, however, I lived in Ulverston at time and to be honest; I don’t know what came first, the characters or the plot, but I knew the location was an ideal setting.  

Once I knew the characters and their basic background, then I start researching where they could live, their finance and the social impact that was happening in the town or country. I would normally end up heading down the research rabbit hole for a while before focusing on the fine details that relate directly to the plot. However, I have found details which have changed the plot entirely or shifting the narrative.

To find out more about the research process and my thoughts, click on the link below….

Second stop is at Judith Arnopp’s website…

Judith is hosting a spotlight on Ropewalk and a great site to discover fellow historical fiction writers.

Ropewalk; Rebellion. Love. Survival

(The Ropewalk Series, Book 1)

By H D Coulter

The North of England, 1831. 

The working class are gathering. Rebellion is stirring, and the people are divided. 

Beatrice Lightfoot, a young woman fighting her own personal rebellion, is looking for an opportunity to change her luck. When she gains the attention of the enigmatic Captain Hanley, he offers her a tantalising deal to attend the May Day dance. She accepts, unaware of the true price of her own free will. 

Click on the link below to find out more…

Judith Arnopp – Historical Fiction Author (

Don’t forget….

Whilst Ropewalk is on tour for two weeks, the price of the ebook has dropped down to 99p or $1.37 across all ebook platforms. Don’t miss out, Grab your copy now on the links below!

Keep watching….

Tomorrow Ropewalk is being reviewed and there is going to be another exclusive excerpt.

Have a good day and will see you for day 3 of the Ropewalk tour…

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