Day 3 of the Ropewalk tour

Today we are visiting two great blogs, one a review of Ropewalk, followed by an excerpt.

First stop is at Heather Osborne author blog.

Firstly can I say, I love getting reviews and hearing what the reader thinks of the book and debating the points and themes of the story but I am blown away by Heather’s review.

To hear that some one loves the books and characters as much as I do, means the world. During those moments when you are knackered and writing or editing at 4:30am to get the book finished on time, makes it worth it. Which is why reviews are so important.

This is only a small snippet of the great review, follow the link to read the rest.

Blog Tour: Ropewalk by HD Coulter | Eclectic Ramblings of Author Heather Osborne (

Second stop on todays tour is by The Whispering Bookworm.

Here I have shared a exclusive excerpt of Ropewalk.


Chapter 2

After twenty minutes of walking along the bleak, muddy track with the biting wind on her back, Bea arrived at The Ellers, a narrow street off the primary hub of town. The clean air had turned thick with soot and grime, spilling out of the tall chimneys. She placed her scarf over her mouth and stepped further up the road. It consisted of a row of cottages and two mills. It was also home to another, smaller rope-making business, which had popped up after they built the canal.   

Passing the raucous sound issuing from the Corn Mill at the bottom of the street, Bea ambled upwards. The thin street seemed to be vacant of life; the tenants either in the mills or working down at the canal. The only sounds came from the washing billowing on the lines behind the houses and the monotonous ticking from the cotton mill ahead. Bea paused for a moment, staring at the large overbearing building with its foreboding wooden gate. The one thing she was always grateful for was the fact she had never needed to work in the mills. She had heard stories around town of the conditions there, how they employed the forgotten children from the workhouse to run the looms and trapped destitute families into service. Tales of children and adults developing cotton lung, or becoming mangled in the looms and machinery, now living on the streets begging for scraps or returning to the workhouse and a life of unbearable squalor, haunted her each time she passed.

Check out the link below to read the rest.

The Whispering Bookworm: On tour with The Coffee Pot Book Club – Ropewalk; Rebellion. Love. Survival (The Ropewalk Series, Book 1) by H D Coulter #Excerpt #HistoricalFiction @coulter_hd @maryanneyarde

Don’t forget….

During the tour, Ropewalk ebook has been dropped in price to 99p or $1.37. So don’t miss out and grab your copy today.

Look out for Day 4 in the Ropewalk tour where there will be another review and a guest post where I discuss the Reformers.

In the mean while, have a good day and see you tomorrow…

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