Week 2, Day 6 of the Ropewalk tour.

Today we are stopping off at two sites, Let Your Words Shine and The Book Bandit’s Library.

First Stop is at The Book Bandit’s Library.

Donna has reviewed a copy of Ropewalk and here was she says….

My Review 

Ropewalk; Rebellion. Love. Survival


There are some books that you say that you can’t put down, just for the sake of a review, and there are others that you honesty could not unglue from your hands. This is the type of novel that will have you sat on the edge of your seat, or rooting for the characters to end up together because they are simply perfect for each other.

To read the rest of the review, click on the link below….

The Book Bandit’s Library : Book Review: Ropewalk; Rebellion. Love. Survival (The Ropewalk Series, Book 1) by H D Coulter (yourbooksoryourlife.blogspot.com)

Second stop is at Let Your Words Shine on Catherine Meyrick’s Official Blog.

Here I have shared an exclusive clip from Ropewalk.

Chapter 7

Bea sat silently on the deep window seat, listening to the night creatures call out to one another. She pulled her woollen shawl tighter around her shoulders and tucked her toes into her thick cotton nightgown. The dancing stars shone brightly under the light of the May moon as it cast a silver shimmer on the grass and late spring flowers. There was no order to her thoughts. They spun from image to image as she tried to recapture the smallest of details from the night before. Realising her mind would not allow her the simple gift of sleep, she crept out of bed and gathered up her clothes.

With the dawn chorus echoing around her, her feet instinctively knew where to take her. The golden light reflected on the calm rippling waves of the softly groaning sea. She crouched down and took her usual place at the old harbour wall. She had missed coming here over the past month, and now she was back she could sense her mind relaxing with every crash of the waves against the rocks below. The air held a sharp, crisp bite, surprising for this time of year, as the growing wind carved its way towards her. Lost in thought, she did not notice the muffled sound of the hooves or the light footsteps approaching her from behind.

β€œMay I?”

The words startled Bea and made her topple slightly as she quickly turned to answer. In that moment, feeling his proximity, breathing in his scent, she felt the numb, heady feeling she had at the dance, but this time she let herself go towards it, relinquishing control. Instinctively, he placed both hands on her shoulders to steady her.


His hands lingered, reluctant to move. He looked at Bea, staring up at him with a steadiness that made him swallow hard, and lose a little composure.

To read the rest, click on the link below….

Ropewalk: Rebellion. Love. Survival by H D Coulter | Catherine Meyrick

Don’t forget…

For one more week Ropewalk is reduced to 99p or $1.37 on ebook. Click on the links below so not to miss out.


Tomorrow on Day 7, there will be a guest post and spotlight.

See you then….

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