Day 7 of the Ropewalk tour

Today we are stopping off at two great blog sites, The Historical Fiction Blog and Celtic Lady Reviews.

First Stop is over on The Historical Fiction Blog by Mercedes Rochelle.

I was asked to write a guest post, where I discussed how Ulverston became another character in the novel. To use the historical setting to enhance, not dominate, the story.

How the Ulverston became its own character.

I would like to thank Mercedes Rochelle for allowing to guest post on her Historical Fiction blog as I discuss how the historical town Ulverston became its own character in Ropewalk: Rebellion. Love. Survival.

“Ulverston, a small town crammed on to the side of an estuary, stood shielded by ancient fells. Whilst the growing high tide covered the last few remaining pieces of the decaying disused pier, a time before industrial advancement branded its mark on the area.”

  • Ropewalk

I set book 1, Ropewalk during a year of 1831, in Ulverston, a small town on the Leven Estuary, south to Lake District. I lived in the town whilst the idea of the novel flourished in my mind, with the landmarks and history fuelling the plot.

To read the rest of the guest post, head on over to

Second stop is over on Celtic Lady Reviews.

The Celtic Lady Reviews is hosting a spotlight over on her sight.

Ropewalk: Rebellion. Love. Survival

The North of England, 1831. 

The working class are gathering. Rebellion is stirring, and the people are divided. 

Beatrice Lightfoot, a young woman fighting her own personal rebellion, is looking for an opportunity to change her luck. When she gains the attention of the enigmatic Captain Hanley, he offers her a tantalising deal to attend the May Day dance. She accepts, unaware of the true price of her own free will. 

Her subsequent entanglement with Joshua Mason, the son of a local merchant, draws all three into a destructive and dangerous relationship, which threatens to drag Beatrice, and all she knows into darkness. 

Now, Beatrice must choose between rebellion, love and survival before all is lost, and the Northern uprising changes her world forever. 

Publication Date: 23rd November 2020
Publisher: Independently Published 
Page Length: 243 Pages
Genre: Historical Fiction

To read the rest of the spotlight, check out the link below.

Don’t forget….

During the course of the tour, Ropewalk has dropped down to 99p or $1.37. So don’t miss out, grab yours now before you miss out.

Tomorrow, Day 8 on the Ropewalk tour will be another review and an exclusive excerpt.

So don’t miss out and stay tuned.

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