Day 8 of the Ropewalk tour.

Today we are heading over to Oh look, another book and The magic of wor(l)ds.

First stop is at Oh look, another book for a review.

This review is amazing. I was reading it on the way to work and burst out laughing with delight as she describes a scene (over on her blog site.) After reading the sneak peek, check out the link below.

“I am so excited to share my review of Ropewalk; Rebellion. Love. Survival (The Ropewalk Series, Book 1) by H D Coulter. Thank you so much to The Coffee Pot Book Club for your invite to take part in this tour.

Look at that cover! You know what I am like about covers, and that is undoubtedly a pretty cover.

Bea is the ropemaker’s daughter, who spends her free time sat on the old harbour wall watching the boats come and go, longs for a life away from her overbearing mother (we will get to her in a minute). She makes lace and sells it—some would say lace that rivals that seen in Manchester and Boston. But it is not the life she wants, not the life she dreams of. Enter two men, both wanting the same thing—Bea.”

To read more of the review, check out the link below.

Oh look, another book!

Second stop is at The Magic of Wor(l)ds for an exclusive excerpt.

Over on The magic of the Wor(l)ds, I shared an exclusive clip of Ropewalk. Chapter 10 gives the reader an insight into the living and social conditions of the poor but also Bea’s character.

Excerpt :

Chapter 10

Bea clenched her fist tightly around the small weight of coins that remained from her hard-won guinea from Johnson’s and plunged her hand deep into her pocket. She had decided to buy some extra-fine silk thread to produce a piece of lace, especially for Mrs Mason. A small gesture to show her genuine feelings, without raising suspicion from anyone in her family. A simple buds-of-May design, inspired by her walk that morning. She couldn’t offer much, but she could offer that.
Market street was full of small children begging for coins, holding their grubby hands out for a single penny. She felt sorry for the little ones huddled in clothes that barely covered them and coughing so hard their chests shook. They looked like they hadn’t eaten in weeks, and certainly they probably couldn’t tell anyone when they had last taken a full meal. She had heard of men coming in wagons, scooping up the children that couldn’t run fast enough, and shipping them across to the New World to work as white slaves in the burgeoning towns and docks. Her heart ached for them, but what could she do?

To read more of the excerpt, check out the link below.

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Don’t forget…

For the remainder of the tour, Ropewalk has been dropped to 99p or $1.37 for ebook available on all platforms. Don’t miss out, grab your copy now.

Tomorrow, Day 9 of the tour, we will be stopping off at 3 blog sites. 1 as a guest post and 2 exclusive excerpts.

Make sure to keep a look out and talk to you soon.

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