The Final Day of the Ropewalk Tour.

First I would like to say, Thank you for all of you who have come along on the tour and supporting Ropewalk. I has been a fantastic fortnight filled with amazing reviews, interviews and guest posts delving deeper into the process of creating the Ropewalk series.

But as they say, one door closes, another one opens. I will still be posting updates of Ropewalk and behind the scenes elements of creating the series. But the exciting next step is Book 2, Saving Grace: Deception. Obsession. Redemption coming out on the 11th May and I will be releasing sneak peeks, promo and giveaways. Plus on the May 17th will be taking Saving Grace on tour with the Home | Coffee Pot Book Club, so stay tuned for that.

Today to finish off the tour we are stopping off at A Darn Good Read and Jennifer C. Wilson.

First stop is at A Darn Good Read for a great review.

Ropewalk: Rebellion. Love. Survival by H D Coulter
Book Review.

My Thoughts

Ropewalk is set during a time of social unrest, where the memory of the Peterloo Massacre is still fresh amongst those who have still seen no betterment in their working or living conditions. Class division is as strong as it ever was, but in this story two people dare to cross that divide.

Twenty-one-year-old Beatrice Lightfoot is the daughter of a ropemaker. She is also a talented lacemaker and it is through her lace that she meets the seafaring Captain Victor Hanley. At first she is intrigued by the handsome and gentlemanly captain. Perhaps he may be the one to fulfill her dreams of a life away from Ulverston, but subsequent meetings make her feel uncomfortable. Besides she can’t help but compare him to Joshua Mason, the son and heir of a rich merchant, who has also recently come into her life.

To read the rest of the review, click on the link below….

A Darn Good Read: Ropewalk: Rebellion. Love. Survival by H D Coulter Book Review

The second stop is at Jennifer C. Wilson.

Spotlight: H D Coulter, Ropewalk


Rebellion. Love. Survival.

The North of England, 1831.

The working class are gathering. Rebellion is stirring, and the people are divided.

Beatrice Lightfoot, a young woman fighting her own personal rebellion, is looking for an opportunity to change her luck. When she gains the attention of the enigmatic Captain Hanley, he offers her a tantalising deal to attend the May Day dance. She accepts, unaware of the true price of her own free will.

To check out the rest of the Spotlight, click on the link below….

Spotlight: H D Coulter, Ropewalk – Jennifer C. Wilson (

Don’t forget….

You have 2 days left to grab your copy of the ebook for 99p or $1.37 across all platforms. Don’t miss out and get your copy to day and see what all the great reviews are talking about.

Or you can get in on the other platforms below…

So, thank you again for coming along with me. For now, I am going back to preparing Saving Grace for release. Check the blurb for Saving Grace. Plus in the next couple of weeks, I will doing a shout out for ARC readers of Saving Grace, so stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, have a good weekend wither you are celebrating Easter or not, I hope you have a peaceful and relaxing bank holiday. (I know a good book you could read. ;0) )

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